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Design 4 Accessibility

Street: Kelowna
Postal Code: .
City: .
Province: BC
Country: Canada
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Person: Donna Franz
Phone: 250- 300- 4948
Description: Design 4 Accessibility - Our clients are 1/ Individual homeowners looking for Home Modifications that are accessible and/or help them age in place 2/ Builders, 3/ Urban planners, Employers, Small business owners, Parents, Seniors, and local governments. Recommendations are developed in a collaborative manner. Recommendations solve accessibility issues in the built environment, help plan for "Aging in Place", increase frequency and ease of use of services in small businesses, assist employers and persons with disabilities in employment, help tourists have a truly accessible trip and help educate people on how to communicate with and assist persons with disabilities, how to live mindfully, with resilience, in a work/life balanced way. Design 4 Accessibility : 1. Delivers comprehensive Accessibility Consultation Services and Occupational Therapy Aervices. 2. Creates designs that focus on removing or preventing barriers to Accessibility, which will create inclusion and achieve diversity. 3. Reports provide cost sensitive recommendations and when feasible include information about potentially available grants. 4. Focuses on creating universally designed environments which are aesthetic, not clinical, and focuses on ensuring that designs create opportunity for healthy and self-determining lifestyles. 5. Provides services to create and ensure truly accessible Tourism, which is not just accessibility through the front entrance; services include Accessibility Assessments or Audits, Building Modifications to remove barriers, and Customer Training. All services have the potential to create a competitive edge. Design 4 Accessibility also assists clients in planning accessible travel. 6. Works collaboratively with all stakeholders; ensuring homeowner's needs guide the process and small businesses can see how changes in design can help create revenue by creating an incentive to visit, spend, and visit again. 7. Provides Accessibility and Inclusion Training upon request, to small groups, and training on Mindfulness, and Resiliency, and Work/Life balance. 8. Provides support for Employers who want to hire persons with disabilities, e.g. Ergonomic Assessments, Disability Management Consultation Services to assist with employment accommodations and/or accessibility modifications. Let's Talk. 250-300-4948.
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