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Description: Invest in yourself with a music educator you won't outgrow.  Guitar player for more than fifteen years, Conroy is passionate and patient about teaching music to all levels of players, beginner to advanced.  Do you want to play in front of an audience of ten thousand? Or play in the living room for your pets? Take the first step towards that goal and message about lessons today.
Description: LoveHR helps solve people challenges and creates great places to work and great leaders and managers in the small and medium sized organizations we serve.    We focus on creating managers and great places to work, because we know they build careers, organizations and communities.  Solving problems comes with the territory.   Our services are diverse.  Basically anything to do with people.  Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Training, Teambuilding, Performance Management, Culture, Change Management, etc.    We offer practical advice and guidance, creation of systems, processes and tools, seminars and education, as well as HR support and outsourcing in all of these areas.  Want to build your people practices and people skills? We help with that too!         

Support and guidance to new families in Kelowna, from pregnancy to new parenthood. Offers emotional wellness mentorship for mothers.

Description: Financial coaching can provide companies and organizations the opportunity to being a leader in 'best company to work for' by ensuring their employees have the financial litercy education and support needed to be successful. Work pensions, insurance, debt and investments can be overwhelming for most so getting ahead of the problem and providing the training shows that the company cares about its people and cutlure. It also reduces employee's personal financial stress, increasing productivity in the workplace. Workshop Topics: Budgeting or Cash flow Planning Goal Setting & Beliefs Saving & Spending Debt Management & Credit Retirement Planning Pension Options Insurance Review (before purchase) Portfolio Makeover Estate Planning Business Plans Shannon Hickey founded Dollar Dame Coaching Co. in 2013 after seeing a need for an objective and safe voice for clients in the financial arena.   She does not sell any financial products; the client’s success is her only objective. Shannon worked in the financial industry for ten years and personally invested her money for 20 years.  Through formal education, a combination of personal and work experience in finance she is more than equipped to help others minimize the common mistakes made with the dollar, while also helping develop the right strategies to help increase success with financial goals. Today’s complex and overwhelming environment of finances can be intimidating, Shannon is committed to helping clients in a relaxed, objective and interactive environment.  Shannon loves seeing the ‘aha’ moment when clients take action and implement steps to help them have more choices in life. After working with Shannon you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to make responsible and smart financial decisions at every stage in life. 

Mobile Rv Repairs


We believe being different is not only good – it’s essential; especially if you want to grow your business.

Some people think getting better results simply requires a little nudge here or a tweak there – and presto, new results!   Others simply focus on doing things faster.    

But...if your organization would like to achieve better results than you are currently experiencing, then a different approach is required.

Doing the same old things the same old ways will not produce better results.  And, if your focus is on the wrong things, doing those things faster will just result in doing more of the wrong things in less time.

We can help give your business a head start so that you will rise above the herd of competition in your industry.  It all starts with a phone call.

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