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Community Futures Pilots Youth Mean Business

Community Futures Central Okanagan is pleased to announce a new youth entrepreneurship program entitled Youth Mean Business. The program is targeted at youth aged 18-29 who are unemployed and not Employment Insurance (EI) eligible and have not had an EI claim for the past three years (5 years if maternity claim). Those that are accepted into the program can expect:

  • Financial support of up to $5,000 for agreed upon living supports, targeted support such as daycare or bus pass, seed business funding, training grants and a $500 completion bonus upon successful completion of the program
  • Support for completing the application to the program including participation in a 3 day entrepreneurship assessment program
  • A personal interview to review the application
  • Support in developing a participation plan
  • Ongoing one on one counseling support to assist in developing their business plan
  • Group instruction where appropriate to assist with the preliminary business examination and detailed business planning
  • Mentorship and business introductions
  • Additional specialized business training where appropriate
  • Assistance to complete their business plan and/or business examination
  • A resource centre to conduct research and development
  • Committee review of final business examination and/or business plan
  • Recommendations regarding start-up, action plan and implementation including seed funding and education grants and access to financing
  • The program is expected to take not longer than 6 months or less depending on how quickly the participant can complete their business plan

Next steps

1) Participants register and attend a three day entrepreneur assessment program (EAP)

2) Complete Youth Means Business application based on results of 3 day EAP

3) Submit Youth Means Business applications and schedule an interview

If you are ready to proceed, please contact Community Futures at 250-868-2132 to register for the next three day entrepreneur assessment program.

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