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Marjorie Horne - CareSmart Seniors Consulting Inc.


Marjorie Horne - CareSmart Seniors Consulting Inc.

With the support of the Community Futures Self Employment Program, Marjorie Horne has started a new company in Kelowna called CareSmart  Seniors Consulting Inc. With a background in nursing, coaching and seniors’ housing management, she offers her wealth of experience to support seniors and their families navigating through the transitions and service requirements that are often presented as aging progresses.

Marjorie received invaluable guidance and education on all aspects of running a small business from the very skilled instructors that make up the Community Futures team. The development of a thorough business plan laid an excellent foundation for moving forward and brought a defined framework for the many ideas and dreams that were nurtured into reality. The ability to connect with other budding entrepreneurs within the program allowed for a shared experience of the joy and excitement of taking on a new venture, while at the same time facilitated the expression of the fears and blocks that can surface along the way. The program was an invaluable source, both emotionally and financially, that allowed CareSmart Seniors Consulting to be birthed into existence.

The website at has a wealth of information on eldercare and the services CareSmart Seniors Consulting provides. Marjorie can be reached at 250-863-9577 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.