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Okanagan Tech Support

Street: 1170 Brookside ave
Postal Code: V1Y5T4
City: Kelowna
Province: BC
Country: Canada
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Person: Warren Duff
Cell: 2508634888
Description: As a Care Aide for many years, I have sadly seen the Elderly, Disabled, loose track of families and friends due to  either no one has time, or just a lack of convenience with TECHNOLOGY!!  Now they have a chance, to connect and feel apart of our society again!! ​ What I am offering, is Education for those who need help with computers. cellphones, tablets, and other gadgets and new technology. ​ Our technology is changing fast, and we need to keep up to date with it at times.  Learning and growing is something we as humans procrastinate doing, or we are too busy to learn on our own. ​ I am offering to you my time.   I will teach you how to use you new .......Gadgets, Phones, Computers. I will set up your new devices in your homes and offices, and teach you how to make use of its potential. We also have Virtual Reality for Seniors,  Virtual Reality is mainly thought about for gaming, I would like to change that thought.Another use for VR is its use in retirement homes. The fact is, virtual reality is going to change everything and that includes medical applications, exercise, communication.Virtual reality can re-create environments that can trigger memories and increase the quality of life by a significant factor for seniors who are living in those facilities​ A we get older, we look back on old memories, photos, videos. With the use of VR we can add and bring back memories. Memories fade, but we can help restore those memories of a favorite place, friends, family. I found through use of VR, dementia patients can relive and remember again. I have seen smiles and tears on loved ones as they watched a family member go to the spot where they grew up, or be surrounded by puppy dogs.       As people age, their brain activity tends to slow. In order to keep the brain active and responsive, it needs to be stimulated daily. Nursing homes try to entertain their residents by taking them on outings, and volunteers entertain with music. They have game nights, movie screenings and bingo in hopes that their residents can keep sharp and have a good quality of life for as long as possible. ​ We want to introduce unique experiences in VR for seniors. These experiences are 360-degree movies that the VR headset wearer can interact with. The experiences range from walking through a Disneyland Ride to sitting in on a African Safari. It allows them to not only exercise their brain, but “travel” across the world and relive memories within the walls of a retirement or nursing home. Virtual reality helps seniors not only by boosting their happiness, but also promoting brain activity, creating new memories, and hopefully  reduce overall healthcare costs exponentially over time.
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