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Doggy Doodads and Kitty Thingys

Street: 383, Morden Road
Postal Code: V1Z 3V1
City: Kelowna
Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Person: Monika Geier
Cell: 250 718-4277
Description: Doggy Doodads and Kitty Thingys produces high quality leather merchandise for pets and pet parents: customized one-of-a-kind leather goods innovative designs and styles personalized collars, harnesses, leashes, or what have you Tag Tuk™ is the Canadian Trademark name for an invention created by Monika Geier.  This invention solves a problem for dogs required to carry necessary licensing, vaccination and identification tags with them at all times.  Common practice is to keep the tags on a pet by inserting the tags onto a ring then attaching the ring to the dog’s collar around its neck.  This method of displaying the dog’s tags causes unwanted noise from multiple tags contacting each other each time the dog moves.  These tags can eventually wear-out, get lost, or catch on objects to cause potential injury pet.  This method to attach dog tags to the dog’s collar is neither safe nor comfortable for the pet, and causes grief for pet parents. Tag Tuk™ safely stores and displays necessary dog licencing, vaccination and identification tags securely to the pet.  With Tag Tuk™, there are no more annoying, clanking, noisy tags, no more worn-out or lost tags, and chances of injury to pet are decreased because these tags are safely stored, displayed tucked away inside Tag Tuk™ secured to the pet’s collar.  Tag Tuk™ delivers protection against those noisy, worn-out, lost or catching tags and provides both comfort and safety to the pet and adds peace-of-mind to pet parents.  Tag Tuk™ is new and cool, one-of-a-kind pet supply item that every pet parent wants for their fur baby!
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