Marjorie Horne - CareSmart Seniors Consulting Inc.


Marjorie Horne - CareSmart Seniors Consulting Inc.

With the support of the Community Futures Self Employment Program, Marjorie Horne has started a new company in Kelowna called CareSmart  Seniors Consulting Inc. With a background in nursing, coaching and seniors’ housing management, she offers her wealth of experience to support seniors and their families navigating through the transitions and service requirements that are often presented as aging progresses.

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Okanagan Carshare Co-op


The Okanagan Car Share Co-op was provincially incorporated as a community service co-op in British Columbia in June 2012, and is based in Kelowna BC. Their long-term plan is to establish a viable car sharing social enterprise, based on a growth model that will meet our members’ mobility needs and provide a practical alternative to owning a vehicle or a second family car.

OGO (the Okanagan Car Share Co-Op) now has several new cars which are parked at designated locations in Kelowna. When an OGO member needs to use a car, he or she will simply use a smartphone or computer to reserve one of OGO's cars at a particular time, using their convenient online booking system. That member's key fob will then be able to unlock the car at that time, and he or she can use it, paying a low rate based on use. The fixed member usage rate is the only cost for using OGO's cars; OGO covers the cost of gas, insurance, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

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Ryan Hunter - Behind the Fly


Ryan Hunter, Owner of Behind The Fly - Quality Underwear For Men

Go back to Fort Mac or start up this underwear store? It was an easy choice. I have always wanted to have my own business. Ever since I was a kid it was how I thought.The original plan was to start up my own electrical business but seeing how the work was dwindling it wasn’t a risk I wanted to take” states owner Ryan Hunter.

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Jeff Hoffart, ED-ucation Publishing

Jeff HoffartJeff Hoffart wins ChangeUP Entrepreneurial Award for ED-ucation

Jeff co-founded ED-ucation Publishing and collaborates with social entrepreneurs within the start-up and accelerator culture in Kelowna in order to facilitate youth action.ED-ucation Publishing is founded on the premise that people learn from stories. The company creates books and curriculum to teach and empower the next generation of youth change agents. Its first published book is A is for Action and the next 10 print and eBooks are ready to launch.

With Jeff’s strong sense of community, it was a natural fit for him to connect with Community Futures during his business start-up. Writing a business plan with Community Futures support “...helped to clarify all the core business aspects of ED-ucation Publishing in order for us to move forward in the most strategic, informed and successful manner”.

NovaRae - Grand Tommie Award for 2013 Okanagan Residential Renovator of the Year

novaraelogoNovaRae - Grand Tommie Award for 2013 Okanagan Residential Renovator of the Year

NovaRae was in the news again with the Tommie Awards. Two Gold Tommie awards and three Silvers, including the Grand Tommie for 2013 Okanagan Residential Renovator of the Year. This is a significant recognition of their business in our Okanagan Valley and we congratulate them on success!

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